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Devils Gulch campout Saturday, June 13th - 10:00 AM
Ride leader: Igor Location: Devils Gulch
Preston and I and hopefully a bunch of other folks will be camping at Devils Gulch/Red hill trailhead. The plan is to ride Red hill/lower DG and Mission ridge the first day. (The road to DG is apparently washed out so we'll be starting from Red hill TH - make a right at the crazy guy's junk yard.)
More Info:
On Sunday, we'll ride up Basalt peak or Chikamin creek or Freund canyon. We'll probably be heading over the pass Friday night.

Here is a map We'll be camping at the end of FS7104 (Sand creek) NOTE: some people will be carpooling Sat morning so email if you are interested.

Ride ratings: Hills: Hilly Pace: Moderate pace Technical: Advanced
Max people: 10
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