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[*DELETED*]Boeing Bluff @Japanese Gulch Thursday, March 7th - 6:00 PM
Ride leader: Steve Location: Japanese Gulch
This is a fun ride up to a plateau (Boeing Bluff) right underneath the approach/departue path for Paine Field. Tough short climbs, single track, creeks, logs and possibly a little hike-a-bike. I would like to try and get a weekly ride going here......I need to get into shape!!! Lights required w/ at least two hours burn time.
More Info:
As a group we can decide to make it a short loop (~1 hr) on the East side of the gulch or utilize the entire area (~1.5 hrs) and circle to the West side over the RR tracks and/or do a few loops, ~1000 feet of combined elevation gain and ~5.0 miles. All single track and if you want there are a few North Shoreish jumps and drops.
Ride ratings: Hills: Hilly Pace: Moderate pace Technical: Intermediate
Min people: 1

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