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St Ed's/Big Finn Wednesday, March 6th - 5:00 PM
Ride leader: Ross Location: Saint Edward State Park

2hrs worth of pedaling @ St Ed's/Big Finn, hitting hills when feasible. =)
Steady pace (i.e. not a hammer festival, not a race, not a pace line, etc...), minimal rest stops, no drops.

Re:Technical rating, the trails have some logs and roots, but not a whole lot.

We'll be meeting in the Big Finn lot off NE 138th near the Thoreau School. Park at the Thoreau School, or in the lot by the soccer fields.

This is a night ride - bring a light with at least a 2 hour burn time.

The beatings will continue until morale improves..

Ride ratings: Hills: Rolling elevation Pace: Moderate pace Technical: Easy
Min people: 1
Max people: 4

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