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Paradise Valley Work Party - Red Alder Sunday, January 27th - 10:00 AM
Crew leader: Brian Location: Paradise Valley

Working our way down the Red Alder trail repairing damage and creating positive drainage. We may need to re-route the trail in places. The overall goal is a sustainable trail that is rideable year-round without bringing pounds of mud home on you and your bike.

I'll be parking here (note: This is NOT the main parking lot at Paradise):

View PVCA 105th Ave SE entrance in a larger map

No trailwork experience needed! We will show you the ropes. A wheelbarrow is helpful to move gravel to the worksite. Bring a shovel and mcleod, but if you don't have one, I have extras. Bring a five gallon bucket if you have one (but again I have extras). Bring water and something to eat (I won't have extras of those). Work for as long or short as you like - all help is appreciated!

Look for my Red Ford F-250 at the trailhead (it will be parked in by the gate, you'll have to keep an eye out from the road). If my truck is there and I am not it means I am already on the trail working! Just walk into the park through the gate and turn right at the first intersection onto the Red Alder Trail. Keep walking and you will eventually find where we are working (we are a long way down the trail)!

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