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Volunteer: Take A Kid MTB Day Saturday, October 6th - 9:00 AM
Ride leader: Kat Location: Duthie Hill
Do it for the kids! Come help us throw an amazing event to get the kids stoked on riding. We will need help with registration, parking, sweeping groups, grilling dogs, being a coures marshall for the jump show and cleaning up.

8am-9am Set Up
9am-10am Registration
9:30am Ride Leader Meeting
10am-12pm Trail Rides
12pm-1pm Lunch
12:45 Jump Show Rider Intros
1pm-2pm Jump Show
2pm-3pm Raffle Prizes
3pm-4pm Clean Up

Get there by 8am if you want to help with set up. We will also be marking courses and jump show viewing areas Friday night from 5-7pm.

LDS Church, 26529 SE Duthie Hill Rd, Issaquah, 98029 ,br>Please park at the LDS Church and ride in the back gate. Cars must be out of that lot by 4pm. Only people setting up booths or bringing in supplies should be parking in the clearing and must be in by 8:30am.
Parking Volunteers: we will have a greeter in each parking lot to steer vehicles and kids in the right direction. Must be a happy morning person – lots of smiles.

There will be 2 registration tables one in the LDS Church lot and one up in the clearing.
One volunteer will check people in, writing in their names and highlighting who is here plus collecting waivers and giving wrist bands or hand stamps (no waiver = no ride).
One volunteer will hand out number plates and write number on their reg sheet.
One volunteer will work on groups based on age and ability level. The church reg list must come up to the clearing by 10am.

Ann Davis is our Ride Leader Coordinator for the day. Each group will have a Ride Leader and a sweep. Please keep your group together and don’t go too fast.

Ride Leaders should have a pack with the following items: • Cell phone • First aid kit • Repair kit • Hand pump • Snack bars • H20

BBQ Lunch:
Officially it’s from 12-1 but younger kids can come in by 11:30. If there is time after lunch and before the jump show kids can ride the mini bike stunt course in the clearing.

Jump Show:
Round up all the kids by 12:45pm so we can do rider introductions and go over rules. Please help keep the kids off the course and safe. The show starts on Semper Dirticus then moves over to Deep Water Horizon aka: the Trick Step Up.

Prize Drawing:
We’ll hand out tickets right before the raffle. These are free and for kids only. We have tons of prizes from amazing sponsors including a Redline bmx bike. I’ll call up some kids to pick numbers with me. I could use help handing out prizes “Swag Assist”.

Please stay a little longer and help clean up garbage, caution tape and signage from the courses, etc.

Here’s my cell so you can text or call me if you need anything.

Thanks so much for being part of this event!

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