Fire Closures - Status for Local Riding Area's

Updated July 28th, 2009

Once again, certain land managers are closing their land to recreational use in order to manage the high risk of fire danger. Listed below are commonly used private tree farms close to town, but also check with the land manager before you head out into the public forests. Things are crispy right now.


  • Hancock: Snoqualmie Tree Farm. Includes Tokuls East and West and Griffin Creek
    Phone number: 1-800-782-1493


  • Pilchuck Tree Farm: all 3 tracts (Victoria, Armstrong, Pilchuck)
    Webpage: Pilchuck Tree Farm


  • Green Crow. Ames Lake Tree Farm - includes the South part of Tolt.
    Webpage: Ames Lake Tree Farm

If you are aware of any information that should be included on this site, or if the status of one of these areas needs to be updated, please contact our staff at or at 206-524-2900.

Note: These trails systems are on privately owned, working tree farms. The land managers are being generous by allowing us to use their land for free. Respecting the fire closures, even though not all the trails are signed, is an important part of keeping a good relationship with the land managers so that they continue to allow mountain biking in their land.

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