Update from DNR, 5/10/10:

Repairs on Iverson Trail bridges were completed and the trail is reopened!


  Update from DNR, 4/30/10:

 We are finishing up the temporary crossing today (DFW approved on Tuesday). Also, we had to decommission the old collapsed stringer, involving: removing nails and treated lumber and leaving native timbers in the stream (which DFW is requiring us to do). We also are building new trail to the temporary crossing, and blocking off old section of trail to the decommissioned bridge. This portion of the work should be completed today, but we have another puncheon bridge that collapsed at the same time west of this bridge failure on Iverson Trail. We think a horse may have disregarded the 'temp closure to horse use' signage.

The puncheon bridge will be constructed out of Pressure treated stringers, which we will haul up to the site (which is remote as it's in the middle of the trail). We had to special order the stingers- as they are big to accommodate horse use. We hope to haul in the materials and begin work next Tuesday. So, by late next week Iverson should be reopened. Check back again mid-week, next week. I had hoped we could open earlier, but decommissioning the collapsed bridge is taking a lot of work, especially removing the old spikes used for the decking and railing.


The Iverson RR Trail is temporarily closed! 

The trail is closed due to an old wood stringer bridge collapsing.  The bridge is unsafe to cross, so please do not enter!
The Department of Natural Resources is currently seeking to install an emergency/temporary bridge crossing upstream from the damaged bridge. The application must be approved by the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife. The DNR will know if the application has been accepted by 4/30/2010.  If approved, the temporary bridge installation would be able to provide a safe crossing for hiking and mountain bike use. The application must be approved by the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife.
The Iverson RR Trail would remain closed to equestrian use until DNR can obtain funds to replace the temporary crossing with a bridge designed/approved for equestrian use.
In 2009, the DNR applied for a grant to replace the wood stringer bridges on the Iverson RR Trail. However, the potentially available grant funds in the Nonhighway and Off-Road Vehicle Account (NOVA) were transferred to the Washington State Parks department by an act of the Washington State Legislature.
The DNR is currently applying for grant funding to replace the collapsed stringer bridge, with a 45’ length steel I-beam design bridge, on the Iverson RR Trail.


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