Evergreen's Executive Director Follows a New Path

Dear Evergreen Community,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from a staff position at Evergreen. For the past 5 years I have dedicated myself to this organization in a myriad of ways and have learned so much about the advocacy and trail building world. I have made many wonderful friends and worked beside many of you to build trail and ultimately the organization that we know today. I have struggled through many of the challenges that we faced together and learned about this great community and myself in the process.

This has certainly been one of the most difficult decisions of my life but feel that the time is right both in terms of my career development and the needs of my family. It has been my dream for years to establish a career within the bike industry. To some, this may seem absurd. It’s certainly a tough industry to crack. But to those of us committed to cycling in such a way is there really any other option? My passion for riding runs deep. It marinates at the core of my being and anyone who’s stood beside me while I was sidelined with injury (this is a long list here folks), knows that I am a miserable person without my bicycle. I simply believe in a path of right livelihood and have a core need to turn my passion for riding into my life’s work. I thank Evergreen for giving me the chance to follow that passion and am now looking forward to the next phase of my career as Marketing Manager for Diamondback Bikes.

I’ll conclude by stating the obvious… my passion for Evergreen and the work that WE ALL do is unwavering. I will continue to work with and serve this community regardless of where I sit. My understanding of the needs of this organization will put me in a unique position of being able to communicate that within the industry and better serve from my new role. Diamondback has recently made a strong commitment to Evergreen through significant financial contributions and product donations. I will be thrilled to work for a company that holds values such as Evergreen’s in such high regard.

Thank you to you all. You have made this a wonderful and memorable five years for me. Thanks to the staff, both present and the past, for you’ve made the commitment and sacrifices it takes to make this ship sail. I also want to thank the board of directors for supporting me and for their sustained commitment to making Evergreen WA State’s leading mountain bike group. And most importantly, I thank all of you… for the opportunity to serve and for all of the hard work that YOU put in as volunteers and supporters. You truly make Evergreen... Rider Powered!


Jon Kennedy
Executive Director, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

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