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 Mountain Bike Skills Classes for All Ages and Abilities

Classes Available April through October  

Whether you’re new to mountain biking, or an intermediate or even advanced rider with years of experience, we have classes to take your skills to the next level. Choose from classes for kids, women-only and adults of all ages on everything from basic skills to freeride and downhill – plus special clinics with guest instructors.

Check our 2014 Kids' Classes and Camps here.

Visit our calendar for complete listings of all upcoming Classes for Kids, Women-Only and Co-Ed Adults.

About the Instructors

All classes are taught by Evergreen’s team of professionally trained and certified volunteer Mountain Bike Instructors. Every instructor has years of riding and teaching experience and many have raced extensively – some at the pro level. Guest instructors regularly include former pro DH racer Kat Sweet of Sweetlines and World Champion Master Racer and coach Shaums March!

Have more questions about the Clinics? Contact bootcamp@evergreenmtb.org.

Class Rates

  • $50 Active member price for Basic Skills classes: co-ed adults, women, kids.
  • $100 Active member price for the Freeride classes.
  • Non-members must purchase a membership. Individual Memberships are $30/yr. Family Memberships are $50/yr. To learn more about other membership options visit the membership page. Or there is the option to purchase a membership during registration.

Rates for special clinics and multi-class series vary. Please check specific class listings for exact cost.

Class and Cancellation Policies

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance classes are non-refundable.

Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the scheduled class start time in order to apply your class fee to a future class. The transfer must be used during the current season. It cannot be carried over to the following year.

Class will be canceled if there is heavy rain, high wind, or temperatures below freezing. Light rain is fine. In the event of inclement weather, please check your email the day of class to see if the class has been canceled.

Please note we do not accept ‘drop-ins’ on the day of class. You must register and pay prior to the class to participate.

Instructors cannot take payment at the time of class. You must register and pay prior to the class to participate.

Series Classes: Evergreen does not offer make-up classes at this time. In the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather we will offer a partial refund for canceled classes at the end of the series.

Class Location 

Most classes take place at King County’s Duthie Hill Park in Issaquah. But a few happen at St. Edward State Park in Kenmore, Stevens Pass and other locations. Please check specific class listings for exact location and parking details.

Signing Up

Please see the class schedule and use the sign up link for a specific date to start registration.

Learn More About Evergreen Classes by Skill Level

For All Skill Levels

2- day Evergreen Mountain Biking Skills Clinic w/ Simon Lawton of Fluidride and Kat Sweet of Sweetlines

Join Simon Lawton of Fluidride, Kat Sweet of Sweetlines, and the Evergreen instructors for 2-days of personal, professional instruction to seriously boost your mountain biking skills! Groups are be divided by ability so this clinic is ideal for everyone from beginner to advanced riders. We spend lots of time working on skills and applying them to the trails.

For Beginner Riders - Coed, Women-only & Kids

Basic Skills Part 1 & Part 2  (Coed & Women-only Classes Available)

If you’re new to the fun of mountain biking, these 3-hour classes are for you. Learn to stay balanced and in control while you zip down trails comfortably riding over roots and small logs. Focus is on basic bike handling skills. By the end of these two classes you’ll be negotiating tight turns, getting over obstacles, carving corners, and much more!

Basic Mountain Bike Skills for Kids Ages 8-13

Is your child just starting to ride? Make sure they learn to have fun and be safe riding trails, pedaling up and down hills, rolling over small logs and roots, and riding twisty, turny singletrack with this class.  

For Beginner/Intermediate Riders - Coed, Women-only & Kids

Dirt Riders Club for Kids Age 8-13

Dirt Riders Club meets one evening a week for 4 weeks to ride for 2 hours. Each session starts with warm up drills, then we hit trails exploring twisting singletrack, rallying over roots and logs, and playing balance and agility games. One day includes trail building techniques. Fun! Learn more about Dirt Riders Club here 

Women's DirtDiva 4-Class Skills Series  - Women-only

Tired of trying to keep up with your partner or friends, or getting off your bike for all those obstacles in the trail? Meet once a week for 4 weeks to focus on 1-2 skills for the day, then spend lots of time on the trails mastering them. Skills include body positioning, braking, climbing & descending, getting over obstacles, cornering, rolling down small ledges, & more.

Intermediate Mountain Bike Skills – Coed & Women-only

Been riding for a bit, or already taken our Basic Skills classes? Ready to take it up a notch and expand on some of your skills? Join this class to work on cornering with some speed, riding a straight line and getting your wheels off the ground.

For Intermediate Riders

Mad Skills Four-Class Series – Coed

If you’ve taken a few mountain biking classes or been trail riding consistently for awhile, and you’re ready to gain some new skills, this 4-week series is just the ticket. Learn to get over logs, carve berms, tackle skinnies, hit smaller drop and jumps with ease. Each 2-hour evening class focuses on 1-2 skills that you then master on the trail.

Introduction to Freeride Parts 1 & 2 – Coed & Women-only

Want to get those wheels off the ground? Tired of having to get off and walk over every obstacle in the trail? Join this fun class and learn to increase your confidence and maintain good body position while conquering wheel lifts, obstacles, step-downs and drops. Intro to Freeride Part 1 is a mandatory prerequisite for Intro to Freeride Part 2, which focuses on high-speed cornering and jumps. 

For Intermediate/Advanced Riders

4-Week Intro to Downhill Mountain Biking Series with Stevens Pass - Coed 

Downhill, or DH, is the art of riding steep, technically challenging terrain using gravity as a primary source of power. Although this can be done at ridiculously fast race speeds, it can also be enjoyed by riders at any pace. Not only is it fun, the confidence and bike handling skills that you learn from this demanding discipline can be applied to other forms of riding as well. We'll start slow and build our confidence and skills and apply them to the varying terrain.

If you’ve been thinking about heading to Whistler or StevensPass, but felt a bit intimidated, this series of four classes is the perfect introduction. The first three classes are local and  the final class is at StevensPass. This series is taught by Evergreen Certified Instructors with DH riding and racing experience up to the pro level. This class is for the solid intermediate rider who has been riding for a while and is comfortable on the bike. It is not appropriate for beginner riders.

1-day Downhill Clinic at Stevens Pass - Coed 

This 1-day downhill mountain biking clinic is for the intermediate/advanced rider who is already competent at DH riding and wants to fine-tune their skills.

Go here for listings of all upcoming Classes for Kids and Adults.

Questions about Classes? Contact bootcamp@evergreenmtb.org.


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